Singer/Songwriter Ari Krasner on his Music

It’s Friday afternoon, and the Searcher Records showcase is less than a month away. But pop singer-songwriter Ari Krasner is hardly nervous, despite his unfamiliarity with performing live. “Performing live and gigs are definitely newer to me,” says Krasner, 22. “I’ve been focusing a lot on the creative process, like writing and producing, more than the live stuff.”

For the past two years, Krasner has focused largely on producing content online, while still being a full-time student at GW. Despite growing up singing, the international affairs major/music minor performed in a solo setting for the first time at an open-mic during his sophomore year. “I guess it really resonated with people,” he says. “It made me realize that this is what I’m passionate about and that I want to do.”

From there, Krasner began writing songs and playing as many shows as he could around D.C. He also taught himself guitar during this period, and improved his piano. “It just kind of spiraled from there,” he says.

As of late, Krasner has been working with producers on his own original content. While his music generally falls in the pop genre, he is is influenced by R&B and hip-hop. He has a large list of influences, ranging from the Killers to Ed Sheeran to Ryan Tedder and Benny Blanco. “In terms of writing, I write all about personal experiences,” he says. “It’s primarily everything through my eyes.”

One of Krasner’s goals in developing his sound is having a distinct sound. And what sets him apart, he says, is his wide vocal range. “I don’t really stick to a certain set range. I’m, like, all over the place.”

As for his future plans, Krasner plans to release an EP. While he says that he already has an album of songs written, the next step is finding collaborators and releasing it. Long-term, Krasner ultimately wants to devote his life to music. “Call it a career, or a hard passion, but I think that none of those words sum up quite what it is for me.”

So, why study international affairs? “I did not know that I wanted to pursue this as a career when I came into school,” Krasner says. “When I give myself to something, I give myself to it 150% of the time. So I figured I could do both.”

Krasner says that people who he’s met at GW have been the people who helped him discover his passion for music. Otherwise, “I don’t think I would’ve come to the same realization,” he says.

What can be anticipated for the upcoming show in February? A little bit of everything, says Krasner. “I’m definitely going to do a couple of covers,” he says, as well as a number of originals. Either way, “I’m planning on bringing the heat,” he says. “As a performer, you should always perform each performance like you’ve got everything to lose.”

See Ari live at the Searcher showcase on February 24 at the Mason Inn. Follow him on Facebook at @arikrasnermusic or on Instagram at @arikrasner.

Alexandra Hardle